Blender Tutorial: Chocolate Bar Animation

By tutor4u
This Blender video demonstrates how to make a chocolate bar and chocolate text animation. Blender version 2.73a was used for this tutorial. This video shows many techniques that may be helpful to beginners and intermediate users.

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Video Contents:
00:19 Cube reshaped into a chocolate bar
04:34 Text added.
05:29 Text converted into a mesh.
05:46 Remesh modifier used with the text.
07:17 Text resized and positioned.
08:00 Curve modifier used with the text and curve is added.
10:10 Position of the curve is animated.
11:16 Dynamic Paint is setup for the chocolate bar and text.
15:06 Surface for the chocolate bar to sit on is added.
16:11 Lighting is setup.
17:05 Camera view is setup.
17:41 Chocolate bar material is setup.
20:02 Render options are setup.
20:56 Animation rendering is started.
21:25 Play finished animation.