Blender Tutorial Bezier Curve Handle Types, Practising Using Curves and Fixing Common Problems

By 3D Blender Tutorials by ianscott888

This tutorial looks at curve handle types, practising using curves and fixing problems.

The common problems looked at in this tutorial are –
– displaying curve normals (depending on the scale they can make a confusing mess)
– length of handles compared to the length of the curve (making the handle lengths in proportion to the curve length, makes them more manageable)

Bezier curve handle types are discussed using the Blender online manual for reference –

Fonts/typefaces offer limitless practise opportunities for Bezier curves, by tracing a number or a letter, or any character. Fonts are usually designed using Bezier curves so by tracing a character you are reverse engineering, trying to work out where the designer put his control points and handles.

The tutorial demonstrates the tracing of the number two, you can also download my tracing the the letter ‘G’.

Three of the four handle types are used in the exercise, the fourth type ‘aligned’ is demonstrated in a file taken from my ‘egg’ tutorial.

egg tutorial –

All the files used in the tutorial and the finished file can be downloaded from my website –

Using Curves

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