Blender SVG Workflow| Intro To Curves | Learn Blender 2.9+ Through Precision Modeling | Part- 25

By Maker Tales

It’s time to cover the basic fundamentals of what a curve is in blender. Once we have a grasp of curves and the SVG workflow in blender you’ll be amazed and how easy it is to make 2D Vector graphics into 3D models within your precision modelling in blender. I’ll also then show you the full workflow in action from importing an SVG making a mesh out of it and then exporting the mesh outline as an SVG to use for CNC or even laser cutting.

Download all the files used in the video here:

Download Outline To SVG:

keyboard shortcuts Link:
PDF Version:

Learn Blender 2.9+ through precision modelling playlist:

Old Blender Precision series 2.83 (Keep in mind that this is out of date):

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:28 – What This Video Is About.
0:47 – Intro To What Curves Are.
5:19 – The Why… Curve To Mesh.
6:28 – What I’ll Be Importing To Blender.
7:05 – Importing .SVG From Inkscape & Fixing.
9:30 – Importing .SVG From Illistrator & Fixing.
11:29 – .SVG Challenge, Importing And Creating Mesh.
16:14 – Creating A Curve Form an Edge.
17:51 – Exporting Mesh As A .SVG.
19:14 – Closing Notes.