Blender Soft Body Settings Explained

By Xaero

This video will help you find the best settings for your softbody simulation without trying a million combinations and hopefully make you understand better visually.


I don’t really know if putting a Patreon Account in my first video is right, I did this because this video had +40 blender files and I don’t wanted them to be wasted. From now on, I will make videos every week, If you have any suggestions or questions please write down in the comments.

Settings I used differently from default values are:

Subdivisions —– 6
Stiffness ———– 0.7
Bending ————- 2 (eevee)
Bending ————- 1 (cycles)
Subdivisions —— Quality 3, Render 4

For Plastic, Bending and Self Collision Renders ———- Stiffness off
For Stiffness and Self Collision Renders ——- Bending 0,2
I used average calculation type for Self Collision.

Total of
8 cycles renders + 4 cycles renders for Patreon ~1800 frames
38 eevee renders ~3800 frames
3 workbench renders