Blender Rigging Tutorial: Use cloth simulator to simulate hair physics in REAL-TIME

By Max Zhang

Introduction: 00:00 Start: 0:30 Setting up the hair simulator: 1:30 Bind the bones to the hair simulator: 3:15 Weight paint: 3:40 Set up collision effect: 6:00 Set up the hair simulator on both sides: 8:45 Modify physical parameters: 9:05

Why I don’t use physical addons?
1. You don’t need to worry about any updates that will cause the physical effects to become invalid. 2. High quality and optimized. 3. If you use the pure version of blender to open addon physics blend file, you will lose all the physical effects from addons 4. It can react to blender’s force field (such as wind, force, magnetic).
Hair file(hair only):
Blender Hair file(Rigged with Automatic weight):
Silky Hair Tutorial:
Rigging Tutorial:Jitter Physics in Real-Time:


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