Blender Retarget Addon and Tutorial

By Checkered Bug

This tutorial will show you how to use a new script I just finished writing that will take an armature with an animation on it and transfer that animation to another rig. The main advantage of this script is it transfers the animation in very customizable ways and allows you to tweak the transfer so you can adjust for differences between the character’s physical characteristics. The script transfers keyframes so you have no ties to the original source when done and the animation can be further customized by the user by modifying the keyframes in blender. This script will work on any destination and source rig, but in this example we use a source rig created by the radical AI video to motion tracking service. The target rig is a makehuman character and all files can be viewed in the github link below. We use this script at Spark Studio for creating our films and recently converted all production over to Blender and started creating these scripts and videos for our pipeline.

You can get the script here:

Spark Studio link