Blender ReMesh UV Bake Texture Paint Edit colour re topology photogrammetry

By Kams1

In this video I use a Truedepth and ‘Lidar’ scan from the iphone 12 pro (This can work with any mesh or 3d scan) and make a Low Poly copy. I then roughly UV the low poly mesh, bake texture over from the vertex colours and then edit the texture it in texture paint mode.

I show how the texture can be edited in photoshop and cloned in 2d and 3d in Blender. In the final part I do the same with a simple lidar scan of multiple walls, and draw the Lo Poly mesh with planes and bake texture again. I am using Blender 2.9. Normal maps can be baked in the same way and i will make a video discussing this in future.

I usually use Zbrush for this but Blender makes it even easier to explain, its quite hard teaching Zbrush.

Thanks for watching and let me know if you need any help and pls SUBSCRIBE Thanks