Blender How To: Roof Creation Workflow & Creating a Japanese Style Roof (MESH ONLY)

By JoshA3D

In this detailed video, we will be going through the workflow of creating a roof in Blender using a variety of techniques and modifiers. The example we will be using in this video is a “Japanese styled roof” (Kawara Roof).

We will not be covering materials and textures. This video is just about the 3D modelling of the roof. By the end of this video you should have a much better understanding of various Blender techniques, and also the ability to rapidly create roofs in Blender.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:53 Theory
00:03:42 Creating the Roof Geometry
00:13:27 Applying the Array Modifiers & Assigning Vertex Groups
00:16:11 Creating the Front Caps
00:22:15 Roof Curvature (Lattice Modifier)
00:28:35 Roof Cutting for Modular Design
00:34:28 Example of Applying Materials & UV Editing
00:38:48 Conclusion