Blender Graph Editor Tutorial | 15 MUST KNOW TIPS | Animator’s Guide to the Graph Editor Blender 2.8

By 3D Animation Hub

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Blender graph editor tutorial, 15 tips on how to use the graph editor in Blender for animation.
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0:00 – Intro (What we’re learning)
1:40 – Lesson starts
1:57 – How to fix the weird Channel Colors
2:20 – How only see the channel of the Controller you selected
3:10 – How to only select curves on the channel you have highlighted
3:26 – Select every controller
4:31 – Setting a Key on a single channel
4:55 – Moving things inside the Graph Editor
5:20 – How to Hide and Unhide channels
6:10 – How to Spline/Liner/Stepped your curve
7:20 – EXTRA curve features (Maya Doesn’t Have)
8:02 – How to Seperate Tangents
9:00 – How to Scale Keys inside the GraphEditor
9:53 – how to Flatten a Handle
10:25 – How to Cycle & Contsant/Linear Cycle curves