Blender Fluid 500000 Particles – Slow Motion (Cycles) HD

By HAL 9000 Animations

This is my fourth fluid particles simulation rendered with Cycles in Blender 2.6. This time 500000 particles!!
It took about 25 hours (6 x 3,2 Ghz) to render those 500 frames (MinGW based).
The original video has some noise, but YouTube’s codec is so terrible that you can’t see it anymore 😛
Bake time about 5 hours, 5 GB baked files!

– 150 samples per frame (I keyed the noise seed so that every frame has another noise seed)
– the particles’ material is glossy (roughness 0)
– timestep 0.01
– 7 subframes (I tried with 8 and it made no difference)
– hdri image for lighting
– the font in the beginning is “Quicksand”
– 1280×720, 30p

Thanks to some friends (thanks Soφe) for their great second opinions!

If you have any questions, just send a PM (questions who are too long to answer via comments are answered with a PM!)