Blender Dissolve 3D Text Animation Tutorial – Blender 2.8 Particles Eevee

By DCP Web Designers

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a Dissolve effect on 3D text using Blender 2.8 Particle Simulation.

Here are the concepts covered in this video tutorial:

Download custom font, PBR material, HDRI map
Add text to Blender, update the font, extrude font
Rotate the font
Convert font to a mesh objectÂ
Smart UV unwrap the mesh
Apply PBR material to the font
Add HRDI lighting
Create a sphere to cover HDRI background
Add blender 2.8 particle system
Add wind field, turbulence field, Lennard field, drag field
Create a cube for custom particle and apply a materialÂ
Apply the cube to the particle system
Animate the text
Add coloured point lights
Add keyframes to hide text
Create final render animation

Tutorial Summary: First, we will create the 3D text and apply a material. We will then use the Particle simulation to mask the text and use Force Fields to specify the direction of particles in the animation sequence.

Download Font:

Download Material:

Download HDRI:

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