Blender Day 3 – Modifiers – Introduction Series for Beginners

By CrossMind Studio

#Blender #Modifiers #Procedural

Welcome, Day 3 of Blender Introduction Series.
Today we are going to talk about Modifiers.

Modifiers are special tools to help you create complex geometry or behaviors which are used for modeling and animation, simulation, etc.
These can be applied over an object, and multiple modifiers can be stacked together to create more complex results. We will be discussing a few of them, for now, to understand how they work.

I hope you guys enjoying your way to 3d. Do share your work
@instacrossmind and we will do a review and community showcase.



This tutorial series is more about an introduction to Blender and 3D in general. We will discuss the absolute basics of Blender and learn how to build objects and prepare renders out of it. Then we apply all the knowledge we have learned from basic tutorials and create a very simple model, which would be something like this. It’s vital to apply all the learnings into some practical context to get a realistic sense of it.
Even if you don’t know anything about blender yet, we will cover it up in the first lesson.

Also, this series is in preparation for our next upcoming series which is about 3d content creation. Once you are done with this series and have practiced a bit of blender, then you can come and look into this one, as we will be talking about topics such as 3d layout, Lighting, Hair, particles, dealing with dynamics, simulation, fluid, smoke, etc.

The content of the tutorial is pretty simple in itself. None of the models are complicated. The focus here is to get comfortable in 3D for the first time.

First Chapter will be available on 6th Feb 2020.