Blender Complete Character Tutorial – Part1 – Modeling the Head

By TomCAT – Characters, Art and Tutorials

Part 1 of a series. Walks through making a fully modeled, rigged and textured character in Blender

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00:00:00 Intro
00:02:25 Templates
00:07:07 Setup and addons
00:08:33 Modeling
00:14:25 Extrude chin
00:18:26 Eye mask
00:31:36 Nose & mouth
00:50:58 Teeth reference
00:53:01 Neck
01:00:05 Add to neck
01:04:50 Nostril
01:06:15 Ear
01:24:52 Eyes
01:39:40 Mouth detail
01:58:35 Eye detail
02:01:57 Rough eyebrow
02:03:24 eyeball
02:14:03 Teeth detail
02:26:15 Rough color
02:31:50 Closing

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