Blender Beginners Tutorial – Modeling & Unwrapping a game ready Flashbang

By ChamferZone

Hi everyone, let’s model and unwrap a Flashbang in Blender!
This is the Blender part of the tutorial where you will learn how to setup a reference image to the right scale, lowpoly and highpoly creation by making use of various free plugins, modifiers, tools as well as unwrapping our low poly. Once this is done we are getting everything prepared with proper naming convention as well as material ID colors for the bake and texturing part which happens in the Marmoset Toolbag 4 tutorial after this one – you can follow that part by downloading the one month free trial version if you don’t have it. 👌

0:00 Intro
0:05 Loop Tools
0:39:28 Modifier List Plugin
0:45:43 Creating spirals with Extra Objects
01:05:34 Adding Text to our grenade
01:10:33 Making highpoly geometry using Bevel weights
01:25:37 Naming Conventions for our later bake
01:28:15 Adding materials for our Color ID Mask
01:40:28 Unwrapping
01:55:36 Resizing our UV islands to have the same texel density using TexTools plugin
01:58:50 Smoothing by UV Islands using TexTools plugin
02:01:31 Exporting our finished low and highpoly geometry

A lot of effort goes into the creation of these tutorials nonmatter if they are paid or like this one free on YouTube. If you want to support my work then you can buy this tutorial as a bundle together with the previous one to keep the ChamferZone YouTube channel going with high quality content. In return you get the videos in downloadable format in the best available quality for offline watching. 4 hours and 30 minutes of Blender beginner tutorial content. Your support is much appreciated! 🙂

Grenade Reference image:

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Free Plugins used in this Tutorial: (Installation is simple and shown in the “Step by Step beginners Guide to Blender” Tutorial if you need help)

maxivz interactivetools
CAD Transform Plugin
UV Squares
JMesh tools

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