Blender Addons for Simulation and Visual Effects

By InspirationTuts

we are going to talk about Some of the best Blender Addons For simulation and visual effects that Artists can use to save time and take their work to the next level. a lot of these addons are really good and can be relied on when it comes to creating visual effects whether is it be simple or complicated.

11_Particles Link
Particles Link is a tool that allows you to create awesome particle effects. This add-on makes it easy to connect a bunch of particles. It can also be used as a curve generator and particles tracer.

10_Shot Matcher
The Shot Matcher addon speeds image merging workflow by analyzing an image’s or video’s color range, which can be automatically mapped to the foreground and background elements in the compositor.

Waterial is a Blender addon for creating animated water surfaces with low memory requirements and much less performance-intensive than simulations.

Blaze is a new Blender Add-on that Creates Cinematic Fire Shaders in Blender.

7_Advanced Ocean Modifier
Advanced ocean modifier offers a Fast and Simple Way to create an Interactive Water Surface in Blender.

This is a Blender add-on for easy creation of various neon signs, lamps, pointers, and lights.

5_Nebula generator
this is a blender addon for creating nebulas using Blender.

“Khaos” is a tool that allows visual effects artists to create custom 3d explosions within a short period of time. With its assets, it provides the ability to procedurally add various particle effects including fire explosions, smoke explosions, and various particle debris.

3_Molecular Script
Molecular Script is a particle collision addon that makes particles collide for creating certain types of simulations and effects .and particles linking as well.

2_cube surfer
CubeSurfer Addon allows us to remesh a particle system in realtime.

1_Flip fluids
The FLIP Fluids addon is a tool that helps you set up, run, and render liquid simulation effects. The custom-built fluid engine of flip fluids is based around the popular FLIP simulation technique.


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