Blender 3D 2.8 eevee render – Anime Style Sky Tram

By mclelun

I downloaded the Blender 3d 2.8 beta to test the new real time render engine, eevee with my old tram models. Unlike how most peoples are aiming for hyper realism in their render. I try to make my render to look like a 2D painting like those you would see in an anime film.

I shared the final render artworks few days ago. Some peoples were curious if there is any paint over the 3d render. So, here is a recording of the viewport. As you can see, everything is real time, it is just that I properly frame in certain angle that look the most 2D.

This style is actually pretty simple to achieve no matter which render engine we use. This render try to mimic makoto shinkai’s old anime film (5cm per seconds, voice of distant star). If you not sure who is makoto shinkai, he is the guy who direct “your name”.

In his old film, a lot of the beautiful scenes are in sunset settings with bloom/glow and strong specular. Shadow are in dark cool blueish cyan color and area that receive lights are in warm orange red color.

So usually we will use a blue cyan hemi/ambient light to shift the shadow to cold colors. And a warm color sun lamp with strong specular light to light up the bright area. Lastly, Enable fog glow and bloom in post production.

As for object shader or material, just keep it as simple as possible. Usually a diffuse color will work