Blender 2.92 | Beginner | 3D Modeling | Still Life Series | Scene 002

By Christopher Hippert Art

The Still Life Series is an extension of my exploration of the Blender 3D software. With this series of videos, I am creating simple yet pleasing scenes to learn more aspects of the software.

With this still life scene I played around with using the letters that make up “Blender 2.92” to form the object placement. The timelapse videos show the real time process of the still life scene setup.

A secondary goal of this exercise is to inspire others to pick up and learn Blender. 3D software can be very overwhelming when first starting out, so breaking it down to the very basics when beginning can be extremely beneficial. Learning a couple tools at a time will hopefully increase the chances that you will stick with it.
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SOFTWARE USED___________________________________________

Blender 2.92 (3D Modeling) |
CorelDraw (Thumbnail) |

iMovie (Video Compositing)
Color.Adobe (Scene Color Palette) |

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