Blender 2.82 – Rigify to Unity Tutorial – How to Export a Rigify Character and Import it into Unity

By Imphenzia

In this tutorial I will go through how I install an addon to Blender 2.82 to export a Rigify character and import it in Unity. I go through installing the addon, preparing the rig for Unity, parenting the character to the rig, exporting to Unity. I also describe the differences between Generic vs Humanoid rig settings in Unity with pros and cons (such as bone stretch / squash, retargeting, IK, performance). Then we’ll set the rig up as a Humanoid in Unity and apply a simple walk cycle. Finally, a quick conversion to Generic rig typ and changing the walk animation to use root motion to propel the character forward.

I hope this video can help you out getting your Rigify character in Blender 2.82 / 2.83 to work in Unity 2019 and 2020.

If you want to see how I modeled the characters in this video and how I animated the walk cycle, check out this video:

RigifyToUnity Blender Addon:

You can download the editor helper script that I mention in the video here:

I mention a noise reduction plugin in this video, and joking aside, it actually works pretty good! I use it as a VST plugin in Premiere while editing to remove the drying cabinet that was running in the background =)

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