Blender 2.8 Exporting Meshes Animations and material setups into Unreal Engine Free Resource Pack

By 3DTudor

Welcome everyone to my tutorial on how to export meshes and animations out of Blender and into the Unreal Engine.

You will find out how to do this correctly and how to set up the materials once you have your asset within Unreal. The Blender file and textures are free to download. The link is down below.

You will also find a link to the timelapse if your interested in how it was created. Finally, I have also put a link for the Unreal Engine glass tutorial for those of you who would like realistic-looking glass incorporated within your model.

Link Windmill Timelapse Video:

Link to Unreal Engine Glass Tutorial:

Link to Free Game Asset windmill Download + Unreal Textures: 📥

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Happy modelling everyone! 😊


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