Blender 2.79 Cycles denoising animation test

By Mike Pan

Just a quick test to see how the new denoising feature behaves with animation. Youtube struggles to compress video with lots of noise so watch until the end for the static image comparison.

We rendered this animation using a number of different settings, they are:

-100 Samples
-100 Samples + Denoising
-500 Samples
-500 Samples + Denoising
-500 Samples + Static Seed
-500 Samples + Static Seed + Denoising
-1000 Samples
-1000 Samples + Static Seed + Denoise
-Still Image comparisons

Denoising is seriously amazing!
-At 500 samples, it can turn the animation into something that’s usable.
-At 1000 samples, the image is flawless.
-To avoid temporal artifact, denoising works best with static seed.
-Denoising works well with motionblur, refraction, reflection and depth of field. There are no visisble artifacts.
-To get the same image quality without denoising could easily take 8x more samples, that’s 8x the render time.

See our writeup here: