Blender 2.6 – Cycles – Grass tutorial

By TutorialField

Hi! Well, finally i got the chance to upload grass tutorial. I apologize for delay, but now you can take a look. The sound and my english aren’t perfect, even i tried to make decent quality, but i think it’s accpetable enough.
It is a bit longer that i expected, but i’ve tried to go slower just to make sure it is understandable. Now, i personaly prefer this way of creating grass, and one of the reasons for that, is pleasure that i can see the grass as it is in final render.
The other thing about the video, quality is a bit lower after i’ve upload it on youtube, and it’s not that bad, but when i get the chance l’ll replace it with the HD version.
So, enjoy! 🙂
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Here is the .blend file if you need it as a guide or comparison:
__Note: Within Particle settings, under Display parameters, Display percentage is set to 4%, as a precaution of lower computer configurations…

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