Best Blender Rendering? RTX 2080 Laptop or 48 CPU Cores? – Tech for architects and designers

By UH Studio Design Academy

Look below for timestamps. What’s the best system to use architectural design in Blender? Can a laptop properly replace a a large desktop?
RTX Studio systems at Scan Computers – | Acer ConceptD 7 –


00:00 Intro and computers being tested
01:13 My current setup
02:06 Scenes being render tested
02:25 Conceptual theatre rendering benchmarks
04:07 Large urban scene rendering benchmarks
05:41 House with trees and scattered grass rendering benchmarks
06:55 Conceptual tower rendering benchmarks
07: 51 Interior scene rendering benchmarks
09:04 About NVIDIA Studio and RTX Studio Laptops
10:40 RTX Optix Cycles current limitations
12:03 Conclusion – should you get an RTX studio laptop

Blender is a useful software for both design and representation for architects, and in terms of representation, better hardware allows faster rendering times, but how much faster?

Video is sponsored by @NVIDIA and @Scan Computers


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