animating splines in cinema 4D

By Aleksey Voznesenski = more cinema 4d tutorials 🙂 = FREE RIGS

Recently was working on a project. And well I felt like this was a necessary tutorial.

I cover using the tracer object, spline point distribution types and using spline IK tag to control more complex splines.

Aleksey Voznesenski is a Cinema 4D rigging artist specializing in character related work. Creating, c4d character rigs, animating etc.. He also loves messing with xpresso and even a bit of simulations in x-particles.

On C4D users can buy a variety of pre-made rigged characters for use in their animation. They can also purchase various bits and pieces to build their own characters. These can be used in personal projects and in commercial projects, such as explainer videos and tv ads.

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