5 Best Free YouTube Blender Beginner Tutorials that you Must Watch in 2020

By I Love 3d Channel

Hello everyone! this time I would like to share to you my 5 Best Free YouTube Blender Beginner Tutorials that you Must Watch in 2020. These are my preferences and these uses version 2.80.
1. Blender Guru’s Donut Tutorial

This series has six parts, a re-make of the popular donut tutorial.
On part 1 of this series, Blender Guru explains most of the very basic and useful tools. He also talks about the interface of blender 2.80.
The succeeding parts of the tutorial let the viewer explore and use the different tools and techniques in modeling the well-known donut.

2. CG Geek’s Ice Cream

CG Geek made this a 6-part tutorial which is very helpful for a new blender user. He explains wisely every tools and useful shortcuts in creating a model. He is very keen in details and a he clearly explains everything needed as you go along following this series of tutorial.

3. Grant Abbitt’s Floating Fantasy Castle – Beginner Course

This is an 8-part tutorial. One of the best free tutorials in youtube. Everything is well-explained. This tutorial takes you to become a game model creator. Grant always optimized this models to be very useful in game engines. Watch all 8 videos and learn not only the basics in this free blender course.

4. CG Boost’s Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial Series

This is a long tutorial with 15 parts. You will learn everything here from the very basic to simulations to rendering. You have to watch all of the videos in the series and don’t miss any one of it because you will feel like a pro after finishing all of it.

5. YanSculpts 3d Modeling for Complete Beginners

YanSculpts starts from downloading, running the application, explaining the viewports and its navigation, adding primitives and creating a model of a sword. Beginners will have this useful in their journey to modeling in blender.
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