Creating a car camera rig | lynda.com

Creating a car camera rig | lynda.com

A camera rig is a series of cameras positioned around a car to catch different shots of the car along an animation. In this tutorial, find out how to create a camera rig in Maya. Watch more athttp://www.lynda.com/Maya-tutorials/V....

This tutorial is a single movie from the Vehicle Rigging in Maya course presented by lynda.com author Adam Crespi. The complete course is 3 hours and 38 minutes and it shows how to rig a car model in Autodesk Maya for use in animation, games, design visualization, and visual effects.

1. Sizing and Zeroing the Model
2. Creating the Controllers
3. Assembling the Wheels
4. Stitching the Rig Together
5. Additional Functionality and Control
6. Finishing Touches


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