Art Of Ghosting Tutorial

Art Of Ghosting Tutorial

The Art of Ghosting is a ghosting tool written in Maya Python which uses the outline features of a toon shader to present a much more simplified version of the model to the animator, thus making it easier to track.

It displays a sketch-like pose from all viewing angles, while the level of detail of the pose, colour of line, width of line and more can be adjusted by changing the settings under the Outline Parameters tab.

The tool is easy to use and the error/warning messages printed in the script editor help the user fix any problems that might occur.

Please find more information in the help tab of the tool or to this tutorial link of how to use it.
More: computer-evolution.com/index.php/component/zoo/item/art-of-ghosting?Itemid=109

This idea was originally developed by Brian Horgan -bhGhost- . Available at: vimeo.com/49638174


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