Getting a good Indigo render for your Sketchup models can be a bit tricky. This tutorial aims to provide you with the information you need to maximize the render potential of your free Sketchup models. You'll learn how to get rid of mesh overlap issues, assign Indigo shaders to your materials, illuminate the lights of your model, and more!

1:05 Basic Import Refinements
04:55 Fixing Mesh Overlap
06:45 Renaming Materials and Assigning Shaders
16:29 Indigo Subdivision
20:04 Saving Shader & Subdivision Values

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Saturday, 20 June 2015 15:00

3DXchange 6 Tutorial - UI Enhancements

Find out more about 3DXchange 6 here: http://www.reallusion.com/iClone/3DXc...

3DXchange 6 is the next generation of the excellent tool that allows you to import/export all your 3D characters, content and motions to and from iClone. There are a few new handy UI enhancements in this latest version, which this tutorial will walk you through while importing a free model from Turbo Squid.

1:21 Material Import Settings
3:41 Transform & Normal Optimization
5:22 Materials & Shader Modes

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The 'Merge Identical' command is a useful new feature in 3DXchange 6 that allows you to significantly reduce the draw call of props with significant amount of separate mesh groups using the same textures, which is often the case when importing free models from 3D Warehouse or using other models created in Sketchup. This tutorial will run you through the advantages of using this command in various scenarios. 

0:47 Reducing Drawcall with Merge Identical
3:40 Identical Material Assignment
6:46 Load Time & File Format Update

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