Improved Lip-syncing in iClone 6.2

With the release of the Character Creator and iClone 6.2 comes an innovative new improvement to the lip-sync tool in iClone. Character Creator (CC) characters have the ability to utilize 300 phoneme shape combinations for the most accurate and natural-looking lip-sync yet!

In addition, there are now even more powerful tools available to give users more options and flexibility when generating and editing character lip-sync:

1) Keyframe reduction provides a quick and easy way to get rid of excess phoneme keys to make the initial lip-sync simpler and more manageable.
2) Smoothing can be applied to the lips, tongue, and jaw to provide a more even and natural looking transition between phoneme shapes.
3) The ability to apply different effects to separate parts of the same lip-sync offers users more flexibility when dealing with larger audio clips, allowing them to create shouting mouth movements at one part and murmurs or whispers in another.
4) The lips, tongue, and jaw can now be edited separately for complete control over even the smallest details of your character's lip-sync.


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