Importing Daz Genesis 2 Characters to iClone

Importing Daz Genesis 2 Characters to iClone

Rendering Daz Genesis 2 Characters in Indigo (Part 2): http://youtu.be/2TuQDpQsJj8

The Facial Key .DUF files for male and female characters are included as part of the bonus Daz Extension in the Facial Pipeline Character pack: http://www.reallusion.com/ContentStor...

Animating Genesis characters in iClone is one of the most commonly used pipelines for users of both Daz and iClone. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to import Daz Genesis 2 characters into 3DXchange 5 and apply a special T-pose made for that character type to ensure accurate body animation. You'll also learn how to apply the Daz .DUF file to your characters to assign different blend shapes that will be used in iClone for facial animation and lip-sync. In iClone, you'll learn how to modify the different materials of the characters to suit your scene, as well as animate the face with facial puppet and automatic lip-sync.

0:41 - Applying Clothing & Facial Blend Shapes
3:53 - Exporting to iClone
10:43 - Refining Material Appearance
15:20 - Facial Animation


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