iClone Tutorial - Create Custom Morph Sliders for Stylized 3D Characters

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In the latest Character Creator v1.4 update, we have introduced a brand new, powerful way of transforming characters you have in Obj or iAvatar format into unique Morph Sliders that can be mixed and blended with other existing morphs. This is extremely useful in creating content such as stylized or toon characters which were sculpted and modeled in 3rd party tools like ZBrush.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to create Morph Sliders using iAvatar & Obj, blend with Morph Sliders to create unique characters, and finally learn how to generate a family of characters quickly and easily. You will also learn how to use other convenient features such as the new Bake Morph functionality, as well as the ability to key-in Morph value greater than +/- 100 for more drastic extrapolated morph result! 

00:00 Create Morph Sliders from an iAvatar
06:41 Creating Morph Sliders from an OBJ file
15:02 Using Current Morph as a Base to Create Family of Characters
16:16 Finding Thumbnail Template for Morph Sliders
19:26 Combining Sliders and Exporting Result
21:33 Fixing Eye Blink for Stylized Characters (3DXchange PRO v6.4 or greater is required)
24:30 Testing out Clothing, Hair and iClone Animation

You can find the thumbnail for the Morph Slider in the following directory:
\Reallusion\iClone Character Creator 1\Image\Thumbnail_Template_Blank.png
\Reallusion\iClone Character Creator 1\Image\Thumbnail_Template_Male.png

When bringing a CC character out to 3rd party modeling program, make sure you adjust the approximate proportion in Character Creator first to ensure the correct skin-bone information can be carried through.

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