iClone Tutorial - Character Creator to Unreal Part 2

Discover more about Character Creator: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/char...

Character Creator is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that allows you to create an unlimited variety of game characters for your Unreal game project. This 5-part tutorial series starts off by creating a character from scratch in Character Creator, then proceeds to show you how to animate both the face and body in iClone. From there, you'll learn about the correct import/export settings for getting your character and game motions into Unreal. Finally, the last tutorial tackles the task of getting your character to move around in your game project and animate both body and face at the press of a button.

This tutorial is Part 2 of the series, and walks you through the process of creating custom animations in iClone using pre-made motions as well as a variety of other tools. You'll learn about Direct Puppet, Motion Layer keyframe editing, and constraints on different body parts.

0:26 Creating a Custom Idle Animation
9:05 Testing Motions in 3DXchange
11:23 Customizing a Walk Animation
15:32 Customizing Root Motions
21:04 Animating with Constraints

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