iClone Timeline Part 2: Characters

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The timeline is the single most important tool that you will learn to use in iClone. It effectively acts as the command center for your entire production, allowing you to manipulate and modify everything in your scene from props and lights to characters and textures. This 2-part tutorial series will explore the UI and functionality of the timeline for both props and characters.

This tutorial is part 2, which looks into the various animation tracks that hold the data which makes your character move. You'll learn about the difference between the different motion tools, and how you can layer them and combine them together while customizing your animations in the timeline.

0:39 Motion Library & Puppet Tools
4:59 Human IK Keyframe Editing
7:29 Facial Expression
9:56 Facial Keyframe Editing
11:57 Character Lip-Sync
15:36 Saving Facial & Body Motion
18:02 Camera Switching


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