iClone G6 Character Creator Work In Progress - Part 1


Know more about iClone 6: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/

iClone G6 Character Creator Work In Progress - Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id4GE...

Welcome to the first preview of our latest character creation innovation for iClone. This work in progress reveals a peak at some of the most comprehensive tools ever available to generate and customize characters with body, face and clothing to result in a limitless range of detailed actors for iClone. 3D character creation begins with body-­type selection and slider-­based tweaks to shape the actor’s form. Faces and bodies are both highly morphable and can be generated and edited with ease to achieve any look. Conforming cloth is a completely new feature with some amazing capabilities to make your clothing creations more useful than ever. Conforming cloth fits directly to any character and can be interchanged between characters for ultimate versatility. Layer clothing to build-up customized outfits and quickly resolve and smooth cloth for a great fit. Add layered image effects to enhance clothing with wear and tear, logos, or custom fabric designs. Stay tuned to Reallusion for more news and updates coming soon


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