iClone Beginner's Guide: Scene Creation Part 2

iClone Beginner's Guide: Scene Creation Part 2

The aim of this 2-part tutorial is to provide some tips and tricks for beginners on how to assemble their scenes in the quickest way possible. In part 1, you'll learn about the basics of prop and camera movement, multiple duplicate, creating sub-props, and most importantly how to apply materials and map them to the props in your scene. Part 2 demonstrates a few handy ways to make your scene more visually appealing, including lighting, ambient occlusion, normal, opacity, and blend maps, as well as shadow adjustments.

0:33 Normal & Displacement Maps
3:24 Opacity & Blend Maps
8:47 Basic Lighting
11:23 Sky Tool Basics
16:14 Shadow Properties
19:29 Image-based Lighting
23:46 Particle Effects & Ambient Occlusion



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