Exporting iClone Content to Unreal Part 2: Custom & Embedded Content

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Please Note: Exporting content from iClone or the Reallusion marketplaces to external file formats requires the Pipeline version of 3DXchange 6.

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In addition to having a vibrant and active user community for both our 2D & 3D software, Reallusion also has a bustling online marketplace full of professional production assets such as character models, animations, complete scenes full of high quality props, and more! 

This 3-part tutorial covers how to export content from iClone to external tools such as Unreal, which is covered here. You'll learn about the difference between iContent & Export liceneses, and also about how you can use the 3DXchange 6 Pipeline to bring this huge library of content to your very own project in an external tool. 

This video is part 2, which covers how to create a simple custom body motion, and export it to Unreal Engine along with a character model & another iClone embedded animation.

0:51 Motion Puppet
2:28 Direct Puppet
4:04 Edit Motion Layer
6:28 Adding Accessories
8:15 Looping Motion Clips
10:16 Exporting a Custom Motion
11:17 Exporting iClone Embedded Motions
12:41 Exporting FBX with Motion


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