Creating Custom Fabrics in iClone

Find out more about the Character Creator here: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/char...

Character Creator now provides users with the ability to customize and create their own clothing designs with incredible ease, simply by creating a simple RGB mask and importing custom texture maps. By doing these two things together, your options for clothing design is limitless.

In this tutorial, we'll first review the structure of the RGB mask channel, and then set about importing in custom textures and modifying them in various ways. You'll then learn about how to create your own custom RGB mask by exporting a UV Reference Map from Character Creator and define different areas for different fabrics. Finally, we'll import in custom textures and apply them to the various areas we defined in the RGB mask.

1:38 Importing Custom Materials
5:33 Importing Custom Patterns
7:15 Saving iCloth Items
8:15 Creating an RGB Mask
15:02 Importing an RGB Mask


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