Creating a Dramatic Fighting Sequence

iClone - Creating a Dramatic Fighting Sequence

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Who doesn't like to watch a good fight sequence on the big (or small) screen? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to blend body motions together, modify them using the Motion Key Editor, add in a bit of extra movement with the Direct Puppet Tool, and create some basic facial animation to create a dynamic sword fighting motion sequence, and then add a slow-motion element by manipulating parts of the motion clip. 

1:16 Motion Plus
3:20 Looping Motion Clips
5:02 Transition Feet Sliding
6:16 Root Motion Clip Transitions
9:34 Creating Slow Motion Clips
10:43 Clip Time Warp
11:58 Motion Key Editor
15:34 Simple Facial Animation
20:13 Direct Puppet
22:17 Good Vibrations


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