Clothing Design and Structure in iClone

There are endless options for customizing your clothing designs using the Character Creator for iClone! By utilizing the Appearance Editor to manipulate substance materials, you're now able to adjust and refine the small details like fabric, patterns, and aging details by using built-in sliders.

This tutorial is a brief walkthrough and summary about what exactly the clothing bases consist of. You'll learn about the main clothing modification categories and RGB Mask images, patterns, and decals.

Lastly, you'll learn about creating awesome procedural aging effects to add a more worn-out and authentic effect.

1:06 RGB Maps & Materials
5:37 Plaid & Patterns
10:05 Fixing Clothing Overlaps
11:51 Decals
12:58 Aging, Hole & Discoloration Effects
15:02 Exporting iAvatars


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