Character Creator Tutorial - Animation Retargeting in Unreal

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Character Creator is an excellent tool for creating characters for use in your favorite game engine like Unity or Unreal. Once you have your character imported into your game engine, it can then use any motion in your entire library, including the plethora of free motions available for download online.

This tutorial takes you through the animation retargeting steps in Unreal so that your CC character will be able to do this. You will learn how to create a rig asset that will allow your CC rig to be compatible with motions from other types of bone rigs, as well as how to harmonize the default pose of both the characters so the motions will be accurately translated from one rig to another.

By following the steps laid out in this video, you'll be able to open up your character to a near infinite number of motions!

1:03 Importing a Character Model to Unreal
3:20 Creating a Rig Asset
11:32 Harmonizing the T-Pose
16:35 Duplicating Anim Assets


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