Body Morphing in iClone

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The ability to shape your character's body to the smallest detail is one of the most powerful features in iClone's Character Creator. This tutorial will run you through the basics of this fundamental skill, and you will not only learn how to change the mesh of your character's body, but also a couple of useful tips on how to emphasize certain aspects of your character's physique using normal map sliders and specular values.

You'll also get a peek at some of the more powerful parameters that you can use as part of the Essential Morph content pack which you can purchase separately as a complimentary addition to the Character Creator tool.

0:32 Applying Morph Templates
2:47 Body Part Morphing
5:19 Morph Parameter Settings
8:34 Facial Feature Morphing
9:37 Adding Surface Detail
11:37 Adjusting Character Height


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