Advanced Facial Modification: Orc

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For the horde! This tutorial will take you through the steps needed to create a vicious-looking orc character with Character Creator. 

Starting off with teeth, eye, and facial morphing, you'll then be guided into the various ways in which you can use the embedded substance material parameters to create rough, aging skin.

Next, you'll learn how to create your own decal scar in Photoshop and enhance it by generating normal and specular maps in CrazyBump. 

Lastly, this tutorial guides you on how to use the RGB map for your character's scalp to add additional tattoos and markings onto the head.

0:37 Basic Body & Facial Feature Morphing
4:12 Skin Color & Texture
9:05 Adding Skin Decal Scars
11:09 Creating a Scar Decal in Photoshop
13:44 Custom Normal, Specular, & Mask Maps
16:37 RGB Masking for Scalp
20:17 Using Scalp RGB Mask for Tattoos
27:15 Skin Resolution & Export


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