3DXchange 6 Tutorial - Rendering Sketchup Interiors in Indigo Part 2

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iClone & Indigo make an excellent combination when it comes to rendering your architectural models. By importing any Sketchup model to iClone via 3DXchange, you can make endless modifications to the lighting, materials, and scene setup, and then send your scene to render in Indigo.

In this 2-part tutorial, you'll learn how to prepare and optimize free Sketchup models from 3D Warehouse, and then use some various tools and techniques to create all sorts of unique render results.

This video is Part 2, and covers the various shader, lighting, and material settings that you can use to enhance the appearance of your scene in your Indigo renders.

0:35 Exterior Lighting
2:18 Interior Emissive Lighting
5:18 Duplicating Lights
8:24 Glow Map Lighting
10:54 Downloading & Assigning Indigo Shaders
12:51 Assigning Glass Shaders
19:52 Material Issues
25:46 Indigo Subdivision
28:07 Shiny Surfaces


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