XDFX Studios - Cinema 4D Tutorial - Glitter Effect

Glitter Effect in Cinema 4D

Hey everyone, this is our first tutorial, expect a lot more in the future. In this video I'll go over two different techniques for creating a glitter like effect in Cinema 4D along with showing a few examples, no plugins required. Let us know what you think! :D

00:00 - Glitter Technique
First I'll go over the different methods we tried to get this glitter look, then I'll cover the final solution we arrived at in detail.

10:28 - Texture vs Polygon
In this section I go over why we're covering the object with polygons instead of using a texture, in this section I'll go over the other way of making glitter, with a texture, normal map and noise.

16:06 - Mo-Text
This section shows how to prepare mo-text for this effect, it also shows how you can still use selection tags to color specific parts of the object while the glitter effect is enabled.

24:17 - Glitter Examples
This section goes over a few different scenes where we used this glitter effect across the entire scene, showcasing view port speed while utilizing the effect and some of the posibilities.

28:14 - Animated Glitter Example
This section shows the technique being used on an animated model, just to show another way it can be used.

34:30 - Final Renders

The final section is a series of animations showing the glitter effect in different scenarios. 


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