Cinema 4D Pro Tips: Rigging Gears And Pistons

C4D Pro Tips: Rigging Gears And Pistons



Here's a mirror of my Youtube tutorial on how to rig pistons, gears, conrods, that kind of thing, using any version of Cinema 4D, constraint tags, xpresso, and a calculator. Only kidding, we'll be taking a look at using an abacus for every mathematical function we have to perform from now on.

Because let's face it, many designers aren't possessed of enough intellect to solve (33/15)*-1 off the top of their beanie-covered heads. I'm amazed most Cinema 4d professionals can button their own shirts, much less that they're even allowed to operate a steam iron without strict and invasive supervision.

For this reason, I am making a video that explains how you would calculate how fast gears should turn when they're meshed, how you set up a constant speed variable to turn them, and how to set up a conrod and piston assembly like you may have seen on Stevenson's Rocket, if you're into trains'n'stuff.

This and subsequent tutorials are intended for working users of Cinema 4D, not beginners, so I might not respond to comments asking really basic questions... Also, if there's anything you would like to see covered in a future tutorial, I'd be grateful for the feedback. Hitting the 'Like' heart will also put emotional pressure on me to record the next part, which is going to be about making triggered animations solely with Xpresso.


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