Ocean Wave Effector for CINEMA 4D

Ocean Wave Effector for CINEMA 4D


Thanks to Yura Izmaylov for porting the script to C4D R13


Note that this script only works with CINEMA 4D-versions Studio and Broadcast.

File contents

The C4D file contains two objects:

  • Plane
  • CT Wave Effector

CT Wave Effector is responsible for the wave-like movement, the plane can be replaced by any object


Move and rotate the CT Wave Effector object to influence the points and create wave-like motion. See the video for an overview.


The CT Wave Effector object has a number of settings in the User Data tab.

  • Twist Amount
  • Controls the size of the waves
  • Width
  • The distance from the effector at which points are still influenced by the deformation. Combine with Twist Amount to control the size of the waves.
  • Falloff
  • The way the distance from the effector affects the deformation of the points. Used to create a smooth transition between wave and "calm" sea
  • Texture
  • A grayscale 2D texture applied to the wave, influencing the Twist Amount.
  • Texture Offset
  • A positional offset of the Texture. Animate to create a sense of motion in the wave.
  • Bend
  • Bends the wave around the Axis Center of the deformed object. Can be used to create splashes or boat wakes.


This script was inspired by, and backwards-enginered from, the wave tool in this video.


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