Freelance 3D artist Hector Suriel interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in?


Hector Suriel: My name is Hector Suriel, I’m an architect from La vega, Dominican Republic. I studied graphic design and worked on it for about 7 years, and still work in this occasionally. Right now I work as a freelance 3d artist… people hire me to model furniture, architectural buildings, and any kind of stuff that they can’t find anywhere. For my works I use Autodes Autocad Architecture, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas… right now I’m learning Marvelous Designer, ZBrush and Substance Designer.



3DTutorials: How many years of experience do you have in the field?


Hector Suriel: The first time I got in touch with a 3d software was quite long ago. I was working with a friend in his graphical design business and he showed me “Discreet 3D Studio Max R5”. In that time, I was just doing simple stuff in that software, because I didn’t know what could be done in it. My first 3D model was my final college degree project to graduate of Architecture School in 2004. Then I began modelling all my architecture projects and creating simple 3d renderings with the “Scanline Renderer” of Max. Then I began using Chaos Group VRay 1.03, that was when the realistic rendering really started to get all around the world. Those days I saw that a lot of 3d artist were just focusing on rendering and almost none of them knew how to model simple things; that gave me the idea of start learn how to model 3d objects. I made my first models just with the little knowledge that I had, then I watched some tutorials and learned a whole lot more. Two years ago, I downloaded the blueprints of a Lamborghini Murcielago, but erased that scene right away because I didn’t know where to start to model. This year I made my first car model, it took me a lot of effort and a lot of time, I made it in almost 3 weeks. Then I started modelling more cars and acquired more experience and made my car models a lot faster. Right now I can model a car in less than 4 days with all details.



3DTutorials: What software did you use to model this car?



Hector Suriel: For this car I used this softwares:

Modelling -- Autodesk 3DS Max 2014

Rendering -- Chaos Group VRay 3.20

Post production -- Adobe Photoshop & Magic Bullet Photolooks



3DTutorials: Could you describe modelling steps, how did you started?


Hector Suriel: For my car modellings I always do this:

1st -- I download the blueprints in Google or in any web page.

2nd – I arrange and separate the blueprint in Adobe Photoshop.

3rd – I place the separated blueprints images in Autodesk 3DS Max and start to model just the main edges of the car

4th – When I have all the edges modelled, then I start to fill in all the exterior parts.

5th – At this part I start to add details and model the wheels and tires

6th – I start to create the materials and shaders

7th – now I begin to get all the cameras

8th – after I render all the images, I take them to Adobe Photoshop for post processing



3DTutorials: Did you make the shading yourself, and if so then what shaders did you use?


Hector Suriel: In my first car models I just used a traditional VRay Material with some reflections for the paint. Then I started to use VrayCarPaint Material. Right now I create my own materials with the help of VRayBlend Material. I try to create all my textures in Adobe Photoshop, because I don’t like using textures from other people. For me it’s better to have my own materials and stuff.



3DTutorials: Are you specialized in cars' modelling only?


Hector Suriel: Not really. I first started modelling architecture buildings… I’m learning Marvelous Designer and ZBrush because now I plan to start modelling characters and people.



3DTutorials: What job are you currently engaged in?


Hector Suriel: People hire me to model furniture, arch buildings and anything that their clients wants on the renders and can’t be found in the web or library.



3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Hector Suriel: Right now I’m modelling this vehicle…




It’s a concept car based upon the original

“Auto Union Type D Streamliner 1938”


I think it should be finished by next Tuesday, December 8th. Hope everything should go as expected.


Thank you so much for this interview concerning about my work. Hope that your website gets a lot more visitors and keep the 3D Alive!!!


Thank You!!!

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