Freelance 3D artist Eric Mielcarek interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in?


Eric Mielcarek: My name is Eric Mielcarek I'm 24 years come from Polish. Graphics Freelancer, I started be dealing when I was in middle school but then I was doing videos of the games, etc. And then somehow I found a video on Youtube where someone showed how to do something in Cinema 4D, so i like it so much that now creating everything in C4D.

It took me some time to learn it properly modeled, I had a lot of projects but unfortunately all lost because disk broke down.
Unfortunately I had a very long break from designing, after graduating high school (I fell ill ankylosing spondylitis had to go two (hip operations and a triple arthrodesis feet) now all the time I am on medication but that will not stop me by designing in C4D.



3DTutorials: How many years of experience do you have in the field?


Eric Mielcarek: You could say that since junior high school I already had contact with the graphics. 3D graphics is already 4 years



3DTutorials: What software did you use to model this car?



Eric Mielcarek: I'm using Cinema 4D R16 

Plugin just Vray for rendering



3DTutorials: Could you describe modelling steps, how did you started?


Eric Mielcarek: When it comes to the model of Lego, in the beginning I was looking for some pictures but unfortunately I have not found blueprints for all Lego bricks, but in childhood I played the Lego bricks, so I brought them out of the basement and looking at these lego and modeled them on the eye, and so modeled each block separately, of course, those that get repeated it was copying and I set up in the right place and that all the time, so it was not difficult but takes a very long time, it took a whole month and 8 hours a day.




3DTutorials: Are there any particular techniques that you use often?


Eric Mielcarek: Not really, thanks to other users I have learned to model correctly (I think so) and any special modeling techniques I don't have, sometimes you just need to think how it easiest to do and here comes the fun :)




3DTutorials: How much are you experienced in working with Cinema 4D ?


Eric Mielcarek:: Let's say that, well, of course I will not say that I'm an expert because I'm not, every day I learn something new in C4D, I practically model, and there is a lot of things to learn still :)




3DTutorials: What software would you like to learn in the future


Eric Mielcarek: There are many programs that I wanted to learn but that the most important is UNITY, Unreal Engine but need to learn C ++ and that I'm going to learn to be able to create a game, but it probably will take some time. I have a program for modeling C4D and this program I will not change for another, but also sculpting I have learned in C4D.



3DTutorials: Who are your favorite artists?

Eric Mielcarek: There is a lot of artists who inspire me.

but their work always amaze me.

-Maciek Ptaszyński
-Pawel Szklarski
-Marcos Tonda



3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Eric Mielcarek: Now currently Scar-H will soon appear on Behance but I find it a small project. but with large-scale projects it probably like Lego it probably a month or two depends on what I now come to a head after the Scar-H


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