Concept artist Guillaume Robert interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in? 

Guillaume Robert: I'm an Illustrator / Concept artist, I start learning art in a Manga school (yes that exist ! Haha) in Paris because at the time I was a big fan, then I went on a study trip in Japan and China, that was game changing for me, I realised manga wasn't really for me and that I liked more illustration and game art.

So since that moment I start learning everything I could about painting, colors and light and here I am today doing realistic illustration and concept art.

I'm not engaged in anything exept my art but I'm available !


3DTutorials: Do you remember when and how did you get to know the CG? Do you have a specific professional degree?

Guillaume Robert: When I started studying art, I wasn't really interested in super highly rendered illustration and concept art, but I opened myself to more inspiration and my work start going into that direction

I have three art degree, each one from the different school I went, the manga school, the one in Japan and the one in China, but I always feel like a degree isn't relevant of your skills, for me if had ten degree or none is the same, it's what you can do that matter.


3DTutorials: How would you appraise the level of your 3D knowledge on a ten-point scale? What of your skills need a certain fostering? What issues in your opinion do cause problems? 

Guillaume Robert: My knowledge in 3D isn't really huge, I learned the basics in school, sculpting, texturing, lighting...I would say i'm 4 on a ten-point scale but I know how things works so if I have to work with a 3D artist I would know what he'll talk about and could react properly to it.

My biggest issue to improve my 3D skills is that I don't have a pc that can support 3D software so it's impossible to do anything 3D related, but i'd love to go back to 3D one day !


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what is that you can't imagine your art without? What is the integral part of your art? 

Guillaume Robert: My hands ? Haha 

Honestly I don't know, Art is what I could'nt live without, Art is a part of me as I'm a part of my art.


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what does your work start with? How many sketches do you make before you can choose the final version?

Guillaume Robert: That depends a lot of what I want to do, sometimes I just go with the flow and paint what come throught my mind or something I know what I want to do so I do few sketch's test to see what it could look like or not and once it's decided I develop the idea until it's done

But sometimes I can go back to painting days or week later because I saw something I need to fix, it's always evolving !


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what tools do you use in your work? Do you learn new softwares or plan to any in the nearest future?

Guillaume Robert: I heard once “The best tool is the one I know how to use”, and it's true for me, I use photoshop most of the time and when I don't, it's because I use a pencil and paper.

(But it's mostly because of my computer limitation that I can't use anything else )


3DTutorials: What are your plans for future in the capacity of CG artist? 

Guillaume Robert: Get a job in studio, work on awesome projects and mostly showing to the people who didn't believe in me I'm able to do great things.

I also have a little project about coaching and Art that might happened one day soon or later.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Guillaume Robert: Well that's an excellent question, I don't know. I'm on a tight spot for the moment financially and I might have to stop doing art and get a regular job that would pay the bills and food.

But if manage to continue, I'm with a novel author for a book project, I can't say more for the moment but it's gonna be really fun !


3DTutorials: Robert, 3dtutorials.net team expresses its gratitude for a remarkable interview! We wish you to meet targets, be a success, а rush of plentiful inspiration and make time for rest. 

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