3D Artist Tanvir M.N Islam interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in? 

Tanvir M.N Islam: My name is Tanvir M.N.Islam. I am from Bangladesh, Dhaka. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting at the University Of Development Alternative (UODA). I am a self-taught 3d generalist, but I am more into character creation. After several years working as a CG trainer and modeling supervisor, in 2012 I founded Incubator Effects Studio.


3DTutorials: Do you remember when and how did you get to know the CG? Do you have a specific professional degree?

Tanvir M.N Islam: When I was very young I saw the movie terminator 2 , that created a lot of fascination about computer generated vfx specially the liquid metal effects in the movie. After completing my high school I bought a PC but couldn't figure out where to start then I was introduced to 3ds max 2 by one of my friend. I got curious about the software and started learning day and night. But when I saw the Blizzard game cinematic from warcraft 3 frozen throne and which was completely computer generated using 3ds max then I realize I want to do CG rest of my life. I have diploma on Graphic Design from Arena Multimedia and professional training on animation from Native Puppets. But I am mostly self taught as far modeling goes.


3DTutorials: 3DTutorials: How much time do you spare for CG? How do you amuse your leisure and take your ease?

Tanvir M.N Islam: A whole lot of time I guess. If I am not spending time with my family and friends. Then I am in front of my workstation.


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what tools do you use in your work? Do you learn new softwares or plan to any in the nearest future?

Tanvir M.N Islam: As a 3d generalist I have to use a whole lot of tools. As a primary software I use Autodesk Maya and Sidefx Houdini. But for modeling and 3d sketching I use zbrush. 3d Coat got amazing retopo tools which I love to use sometimes besides Zbrush's zRemesher. To create UV I take the help of both Maya and zbrush. Sometimes 3d-coat's UV tools. For texture painting I use Zbrush and Mari. Houdini mantra and Maya Arnold are used for rendering. Rigging and Animation is done in Autodesk Maya. For compositing and FX I use After Effects, NukeX, Realflow, Fume FX, Houdini and pftrack.


3DTutorials: What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Tanvir M.N Islam: I got a lot of advices from the great artists but if I summarize them, it came into my realization that whatever tool we use at the end of the day we are producing art. So, Art matters the most.


3DTutorials: What would you say to someone else starting in the industry?

Tanvir M.N Islam: Concentrate on the art elements . Do not carried away with the tools only. Try to learn composition, design, form, value as much as you can. Use software as tools or media. Also try to put motion in your work when you are presenting , it helps .


3DTutorials: What are your plans for future in the capacity of CG artist?

Tanvir M.N Islam: My ambition is to develop my Artistic skills. Improve the capability to see more. Understanding design and form. And when I think I am ready I would love to produce an animated short.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Tanvir M.N Islam: Working on my personal Project called "Fat Bob and Sugar babe at The Fast Food Massacre". When they are done I would love to show everyone. Thanks.


3DTutorials: Tanvir M.N Islam, 3dtutorials.net team expresses its gratitude for a remarkable interview! We wish you to meet targets, be a success, а rush of plentiful inspiration and make time for rest. 

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