3D artist Rory Björkman interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in?  

Rory Björkman: I am from Dublin in Ireland where I work as a freelance 3D Artist, my main specialities are in hard surface modelling and texturing. I stumbled into the world of 3D by accident more than by choice. I used to be a primarily traditional artist working in various media making background sets for photography shoots with models. The expense of this was quite high building the sets was quite laborious, so I decided to try making a set in 3D and compositing the model into the scene in post production. From then I began modelling more and more and never looked back.


3DTutorials: How many years of experience do you have in the field? 

Rory Björkman: I first discovered the usefulness of 3D modelling 3 years ago, from then I began training intensively for 2 years and have been fully self employed for a year now.


3DTutorials: What was the requirement for creating this scene?



Rory Björkman: This image is part of a series involving abandoned vehicles. I became interested in how vehicles are often loved by their owners and are even sometimes named. It occurred to me when I saw an old car of mine drive past one day. It felt very strange! Vehicles as a population and vehicle types can also tell a lot about a society and what it function is be in industrious , agricultural or affluent.



3DTutorials: What softwares did you use for texturing?

Rory Björkman: I used Maya for modelling the vehicle and then layout the UV’s using Headus before texturing the model in Mari and then composited in photoshop. The finished model comprised of 13 UV maps ranging from 2K to 4K in size. For game use these could be easily compressed to one map on a low poly version.


3DTutorials: Do you prefer procedural texturing or not?

Rory Björkman: I think procedural texturing is fantastic and very necessary for use in games especially across large areas and environments. However for unique objects with specific textured features one must stick to the tailored approach. Thats said I often use procedural texturing to develop a base in which to build upon in Mari.


3DTutorials: What part was the most laborious?

Rory Björkman: Most of the modelling itself was pretty straight forward, however I did find the wheels a nice challenge. Texturing wise I had spent some time on the paint and rust exterior and as always getting the perfect lighting is always a trail and error process. I feel that the right lighting is essential and often defines a successful image.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon? 

Rory Björkman: I usually have about 3 projects on at any one time. At the moment I am texturing a Stryker and a Hilux off roader as well as modelling a Bi-Pedal mech for a toy company in Germany for production and sale. 



3DTutorials: Dear Rory, 3dtutorials.net team expresses its gratitude for a remarkable interview! We wish you to meet targets, be a success, а rush of plentiful inspiration and make time for rest.


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